Newcomerstown Historical Society - Step right into history.

  Temperance Tavern Museum  

     Welcome to an authentic tavern and inn, which was a resting place on the Ohio and Erie Canal.  Crafted from locally timbered black walnut, the tavern was built in 1841, and retains many of the features of the original inn.  You won't want to miss the kitchen, which features a large fireplace complete with cast iron utensils, where all the meals for the tavern were cooked.  Be sure to see the hiding place, which was used when the house was a stop on the Underground Railroad.  
     Stroll through the parlor and the living room, where you can enjoy a collection of dresses from the eighteen hundreds and early nineteen hundreds.  Don't miss our Woody Hayes and Cy Young memorabilia, along with our collection of military artifacts.

The monument beside the Temperance Tavern Museum is dedicated to Freeman Davis, a local man who earned the Congressional Medal of Honor during the Civil War.

 Olde Main Street Museum and Social Center
     Located inside a 1915 building which was formerly Lell Shumaker's Ford dealership and later the Herco factory, is the Olde Main Street Museum and Social Center, located at 213 West Canal Street in Newcomers-town.  The replica of an early 1900's village holds twenty-three storefronts, including a jail,a grocery,  a bank, the Eureka Hardware, and Sam Douglass's saloon, among others.  We built a whole village inside a building!
     This venue is the location for many events sponsored by the Newcomerstown Historical Society, including such activi-ties as a murder mystery; a visit with a "survivor" of the Titanic; evenings of country music;  our Christmas Wonder-land, full of beautifully decorated Christmas trees; a reception honoring the former Heller Brothers factory, which featured a model of the factory, including all the machines; our annual delicious chicken dinner; fashion shows; ladies' teas; and  many more.


     A visitor enjoys a stroll down Main Street during  Christmas Wonderland.
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